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Yellow Jade 14K GF Bracelet | HEBE Juventas


A classic bracelet carrying two 13mm Yellow Jade cylinder stones along with 14K gold-filled elements such as the cylinder spacer beads and the square barrel-cut spacers adorned on each side of the Yellow Jade, adding extra shine to the piece. The concept of this piece is focusing on the play of balance and unity.

Yellow Jade is one of the rarest kinds of Jades, with colors ranging from lemon-yellow to a dark golden color. This is a handmade item. Made in the UK.

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Length: 17.5-20cm (2.5cm extension link)

Chain: 14K gold-filled Flat-O Chain

Parts: 14K GF Round Cylinder Spacers and Barrel-Cut Square Cube Spacers. Closure: 5.5mm Round Spring Clasp + Tag

Adjustable length: Yes

Style: Classic

Metaphysics Properties:

Historically, Yellow Jade is associated with emotional peace, love and balanced relationships. It is also a symbol of luck, wealth and wisdom. Yellow Jade is a stone to bring energies of self-confidence, courage, and abundance. It will dispel harm and negativity, and will also help its wearer to release negative emotions in a healthy manner. It is also known to improve the quality of sleep, dreams and long life. Overall, it is a great stone to promote emotional stability and will bring balance and harmony to loving relationships.

We dedicate Yellow Jade to the Greek goddess of Youth - Hebe, the daughter of Zeus and Hera. As a goddess of youth (or prime of life), she is represented through duties as a cupbearer for the divines, serving nectar and ambrosia. It was said that she has the power to make people young again, and was also worshipped as the goddess of forgiveness.

As a gemstone, Yellow Jade is extremely tough makes it particularly good for hard-wearing. If properly looked after, it will make a beautiful keepsake that will last for generations.

Please Note:  

As all gemstones come with a variety of shades and "veins" within the minerals, therefore color might be slightly different from the photograph advertised above. The Yellow Jade we have sought for this collection is partly opaque and partly transparent, generally very even in color. Some stones are paler and some appears a stronger yellow tone.


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