White Peach Woodwick Candle (7oz.)


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Made In: Wilmington, Delaware

We’ve been told that this candle smells like a mix of hi-chews and peach rings. This carefully curated scent blend emphasizes the bright, crisp, and florally sweet notes of a white peach in comparison to the more caramelized sugar flavors with a yellow peach.

In Chinese culture, the Peach is considered a “blessed fruit” by many. Commonly associated with Shoulao, the God of Longevity– he carefully carries a large Peach while wielding a staff connected to a gourd, carrying the Elixir of Life.

*Burn time approximately 40-60 hours.

Notes: Peach Nectar, Jasmine, Honeysuckle

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Soy wax is produced and crafted in the USA. These candles were created to spread awareness of the vast Asian cultures and traditions through the vice of sentimental and nostalgic Eastern aromas/ fragrances while leaving the lowest carbon foot trail.


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