Rice Paper Candy Woodwick Candle (7oz.)


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Made In: Wilmington, Delaware

A popular Asian childhood candy that is essentially like the American tootsie roll candy but with a sweet creamy milk flavor instead of chocolate. The scent of this candle will bring back nostalgia and happy memories of you nibbling the rice paper off every piece before plopping the rest of the candy in your mouth. Perfect as a gift or personal present, you’ll immediately travel into the past once you open the top to the nostalgic smell of warm sweet milk.

*Burn time approximately 40-60 hours.

Notes: Sweet Milk, Sweet Cream, Vanilla, and Honey

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Soy wax is produced and crafted in the USA. These candles were created to spread awareness of the vast Asian cultures and traditions through the vice of sentimental and nostalgic Eastern aromas/ fragrances while leaving the lowest carbon foot trail.


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