Precious Pink Pre-Made Gift Box | Strawberry Bath Bomb, Lychee Candle, Jasmine Tea


It’s definitely necessary to own everything in pink because pink is more than just an aesthetic, it is a vibe. The color just instantly puts you in a good mood and even more so when you’re gifting self love in a box. So let someone know you’re PINKING about them with this pre-made gift box. 😉

Pick and choose which tea, candle, or bath items you want in this gift box. Customize this precious pink themed gift box to your liking or let us surprise you!

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Mix and match items in your box or we’ll hand select 5 items for you!

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Click on the link for more information on each item:
  • 1 Us Two Tea Jasmine Tea (5 Tea Bags/12.5g) (Link)
  • 2 Bath Bombs (Scents: Strawberry and Rose) (Link)
  • 1 Pink Succulent Candle (Scents: Fruity or Fresh Spring) (Link)
  • 1 Lychee Tea Woodwick Candle (Burn Time: 36-40 hours/7oz.) (Link)
  • 1 Cleopatra Chamomile Bathing Tea (Body/Foot Soak) (Link)

Additional information

Dimensions8 × 8 × 5 cm


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