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Moonstone 14K GF Earrings | SELENE Ersa


A serene pair of long 14K gold-filled earrings featuring two moonstones and four lake-blue Apatite stones with a hexagon frame.

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Overall Length: 53mm

Parts: 14K gold-filled

Metaphysics Properties:

Moonstone has been prized for centuries, while mostly white, or cream coloured, they can also be peach or black. Moonstone has been closely associated with the moon since antiquity as it was believed the iridescence changes according to the moon's phases. Since the stone is closely related to the moon, it is no surprise that Moonstone is often considered a powerful talisman for women and feminine energies.

Moonstone is also known as the Traveller's Stone, it has been used for protection particularly at night. It is thought to calm and focus the mind, encourage creativity and balance emotions and is associated with romance and love. It also encourages serendipity and spontaneity and helps to calm overreactions, so we can intuitively explore emotional triggers and other erratic energies. It also helps to cultivate a sense of internal safety and release negative energy.

It is a birthstone for June, and astrology signs such as Cancer, Libra and Scorpio.

Our collection of Moonstones are dedicated to the goddess of the Moon - Selene (or Luna in Roman). Selene was often depicted as driving her chariot pulled by two snow-white horses through the sky while Helios was reposing after the toils of the day. Selene means brightness.

Please note:

As all gemstones come with their own variety of shades and "veins" within the minerals, therefore colour might be slightly different from the photograph advertised above.

The Moonstones we have sought in this collection is generally opaque, with slight veining with iridescence features.

***Due to hygiene reasons, this item is not eligible for return & refund.


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