Lychee Red Tea Woodwick Candle (7oz.)


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Made In: Wilmington, Delaware

If you’re the person who orders lychee jelly topping every time you get boba tea, don’t worry it won’t be $0.50 more. This juicy and refreshing scent (just like the fruit) would be an ideal candle for any kitchen or living room.

Lychees have been in cultivation in Southern China, Vietnam, and Malaysia since 1058 AD. The sweet juicy flesh of this playful fruit was considered a delicacy for the Chinese Imperial Court, with it’s red skin mythologically symbolizing romance, beauty, and good luck. The bright and fruity aromas of lychee always leave first-time experiencers looking for more!

*Burn time approximately 40-60 hours.

Notes: Lychee, Goji Berries, Geranium, Lily, and Red Tea.

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Soy wax is produced and crafted in the USA. These candles were created to spread awareness of the vast Asian cultures and traditions through the vice of sentimental and nostalgic Eastern aromas/ fragrances while leaving the lowest carbon foot trail.


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