Honeydew Melon Woodwick Candle (7oz.)


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Made In: Wilmington, Delaware

If candles could be a season then this honeydew candle would definitely be spring. You really can’t go wrong with a candle that gives off that sweet melon scent. Melons and other fruits are oftentimes used as ceremonial gifts and although these gifts are only for special occasions, many still enjoy the sweet and succulent taste of melons and honeydew on a daily basis.

*Burn time approximately 40-60 hours.

Notes: Honeydew Melon, Green Leaves, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Sugar

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Soy wax is produced and crafted in the USA. These candles were created to spread awareness of the vast Asian cultures and traditions through the vice of sentimental and nostalgic Eastern aromas/ fragrances while leaving the lowest carbon foot trail.


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