Aqua Serenity Print Canvas Tote Bag with Magnet Button


Made In: Melbourne, Australia

This cute and artistically stylish tote bag is perfect for running errands and holding the newest fiction bestseller, your latest farmer’s market finds, and your favorite tea assortment. And it will keep them all secure with a top snap closure.

Great for the tote enthusiast in your life whose favorite season is spring and also drinks tea religiously.

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Features & details

  • Canvas Tote Bag - 34cm x 38.5cm x 10cm
  • Interior pocket- 15cm x 15 cm (because we all need more pockets!)
  • Magnetic button to close
  • 10cm depth to prevent toppling
  • Thickest one in its grade (sturdy!)

1 review for Aqua Serenity Print Canvas Tote Bag with Magnet Button

  1. ingridthoward (verified owner)

    This tote bag is just as useful as it’s cute!! The color and design is so beautiful, the long straps makes it easy to put over the shoulder, and the little magnet clasp helps keep everything inside! It’s the perfect size too, it fits my laptop, iPad, water bottle, literally everything I need! And it has a little pocket inside for my keys and sanitizer so it doesn’t get lost at the bottom. I use this bag everyday, and it’s held up really well, doesn’t look dirty or used, and goes well with any outfit I wear!

    • [email protected] (verified owner)

      So happy to hear that you’ve been able to use the bag for so many different things! Thanks for the review Ingrid.

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