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The Mid-Autumn Festival (aka Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival) is quickly approaching on September 10 and here at Ooh! What’s This? we have selected unique gifts from our favorite API makers/designers. As you spend time sipping on tea and enjoying delicious mooncakes with family and friends this year, find other moon festive gifts that are thoughtful and creative to celebrate this day! 

Here are some Unique Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts to make this day extra special:

  1. Illumi Jewel (Moon Inspired 14 Gold Filled Jewelry)
  2. Baisun Candle Co (Mooncake Shaped Candles)
  3. Happy Moon BB (Mooncake Shaped Bath Bombs)

Moon 14K Gold Filled Earring and Bracelet

Aphrodite Enchant Earrings and Aphrodite Luna Twin Star Bracelet From Illumi Jewel

1. Moon Inspired 14K Gold-Filled Jewelry

Gift someone special moon-shaped jewelry so beautiful that even the Moon Goddess Chang’e would wear. Illumi Jewel is a UK jewelry brand known for elegant pieces made of crystals and gold inspired by ancient Goddesses and Deities. This jewelry brand is owned by Chinese-British designer Bernadette Molyneaux who felt inspired to create dazzling one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces during the pandemic.

Every single piece of design is limited in numbers, as it depends on what could be imported and fashioned by the local gemstones quarry/artisan where it was mined. All designs are created using genuine 14K yellow gold or rose gold plated/filled metal. Customers can enjoy the uniqueness of each handcrafted piece, as each design has only a handful of copies that exist in the world.

Here are the moon shaped jewelry selections:


INSTAGRAM: @IllumiJewel

Moon Cake Shaped Candles Green, Orange, and Pink

Mooncake Candles from Baisun Candle Co. | Photographer: @arianatzhang

2. Moon Cake Shaped Candles (Yuzu, Matcha, Lychee Scents)

As if candles aren’t popular enough as gifts for adults and elderly folks, these colorful mooncake shaped candles will definitely be no exception! The eye-catching mooncake patterns candles are made with popular Asian scents that will wow and impress your guests. The minute they step into your home they’ll definitely be asking where the scent is coming from.

Baisun Candle Co. is a Delaware-based business owned by Chinese-American candle maker Brandon Leung. These nostalgic candles rooted in culture are carefully handcrafted and poured at the highest quality using soy wax that is produced and crated in the US.

Here are the mooncake shaped candle scents:

  • Yuzu (Bright and citrusy)
  • Lychee (Sweet and fruity)
  • Matcha (Mellow and creamy)

 DEALS: Free shipping $70+.


INSTAGRAM: @baisuncandleco

4 Pastel Color Mooncake Bath Bombs

Mooncake Bath Bombs From Happy Moon BB | Photographer: Lumae Photography (@lumaephoto)

3. Mooncake Shaped Bath Bombs

Enjoy a relaxing bath at the end of the day after your Moon festivities and celebrations. These bath bombs dedicated to lunar appreciation will have you feeling treated like a self-care star. Pick your choice of floral or fruit scents and watch the bath bombs fizz into warm water.

Happy Moon BB is an Oregon-based business owned by Hanni Li who uses organic, moisturizing, spa-like ingredients with minimal amounts of glitter and dye.

Here are all the amazing moon cake bath bomb scents to try:

  • Honeydew
  • Mango
  • Jasmine
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Strawberry
  • Rose
  • Lavender
  • Blueberry

DEALS: Buy 1 for $7.95 or 4 for $28.


INSTAGRAM: @happymoonbb

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