A New Generation of API Makers & Creators

With the help of social media, new creators have emerged during the pandemic to take a leap of faith and simply CREATE.

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Learn more about how Vyvyan, the Founder of Ooh! What’s This came up with the idea to start a gift shop to showcase API creators and designers. Video Created By: www.JackyLiCreative.com

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API & Creativity

Ooh! What’s This? is about celebrating Asian makers to make a (successful) living through art, design, and creativity. Most Asian makers who grew up around immigrant families did not always have the support to pursue a creative career. Any type of creative interest or career were said to only be seen a side hobby and nothing more because a traditional 9-5 job (typically salaried with benefits) offered a more stable route in life.

Brandon Leung Baisun Candles

New creators on the rise

During the pandemic shutdown, many Asian makers have stepped out of their comfort zone to create original products right from their home. With the help of social media, creators of this generation today have taken a leap of faith and become the rebellious individuals they must be to simply create. For this generation, being able to express themselves artistically has been a long time coming.

Emily Liu of Studio Mui x Ooh What's This


Today, the Ooh! What’s This? shop exists as a way to bring more exposure for original product creations from talented designers from all around the world. We’ve got creators from the U.S. (California, Delaware, Idaho, New York, Oregon and Washington), the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. When you shop at Ooh! What’s This, your dollar supports a community of people who did not create their products from millions of dollars, 500+ employees, or from the factory, but right from their own home to yours.


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