AAPI-Owned Jewelry Brands That Belong in an Art Museum

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Ever wondered what an exhibit dedicated to modern-day Asian jewelry would look like? Well, we’ve compiled a list of AAPI jewelry makers with unique wearable art that would look remarkable on display.

This holiday, you can support the AAPI community by shopping for gift items that your family and friends will love this season! By shopping from Asian makers, not only does it benefit the business owner, but it promotes equity in helping a community build generational wealth as well as challenging the Asian hate crimes and xenophobia that happened this year.

Around the time of the pandemic shut down and when online shopping started to increase, many new business owners and designers from the AAPI community started to emerge. Thanks to the help from social media platforms like Facebook Groups, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Clubhouse, Asian designers have been able to receive more support and attention for their jewelry creations.

Here are 3 AAPI-Owned Jewelry Brands That Look Like Freaking Art:

  1. Illumi Jewel
  2. Studio Mui
  3. Linerica

14K GF Earrings and BraceletCalypso Liberty Earrings in 14K GF and Aphrodite Graces Bracelet in 14K GF From Illumi Jewel

Amethyst Gold Filled BraceletArtemis Charms Bracelet in 14K GF From Illumi Jewel

Illumi Jewel

Looking for elegant jewelry pieces made of crystals and gold inspired by ancient Goddesses and Deities? Look no further! Illumi Jewel is a UK jewelry brand inspired by ancient history, particularly Greek and Roman. The Founder & Designer Bernadette Molyneaux (aka “Berni”) pairs Ancient Greek female deities with quality gemstones in her work.

Every single piece of design is limited in numbers, as it depends on what could be imported and fashioned by the local gemstones quarry/artisan where it was mined. A design is then created in the Cambridgeshire UK studio depending on the cut of the gemstones using genuine 14K yellow gold or rose gold plated/filled metal. Customers can enjoy the uniqueness of each handcrafted piece, as each design has only a handful of copies that exist in the world.


INSTAGRAM: @IllumiJewel

Egg Hoop Earrings and Citrus Slice Earrings

Egg Hoops and Citrus Slice Earrings From Studio Mui

Resin Fruit Jewelry Lemon Earrings

Lemon and Citrus Slice Earrings From Studio Mui

2. Studio Mui

Does food art or sculpture catch your attention at the art museum? Then you’ll definitely want to check out these colorful and eye-catching fruits, eggs, and dim sum-inspired jewelry collections. Studio Mui (pronounced m-oy) which means little sister in Chinese, is a small-batch jewelry and decor brand from New York. Emily Liu, the Founder & Designer, starts every design as an idea or material experimentation, develops it into a prototype, and then brings it to life as functional art. Every piece is thoughtfully designed and handcrafted to celebrate femininity and quirkiness.


INSTAGRAM: @Studio.Mui

Ooh Whats This AAPI Jewelry Brands 1
Lillies Earrings From Linerica

Ooh Whats This Linerica JewelryMemory of a Scarf Earrings From Linerica

3. Linerica

This collection looks like something out of Crazy Rich Asians. Linerica is an independent ear wear brand established in 2020 based in the greater New York area. The designer Erica Lin is a Taiwanese-American artist who is passionate about handcrafted jewelry. Erica Lin began making jewelry as a child and to this day does not have her ears pierced. Because of that, she made it a personal ritual to pick out earrings and convert the studs into clip-on attachments. Over time, this conversion turned into an obsession with creating one-of-a-kind pieces that were made from unused necklaces and bracelets. Now she handcrafts personal pieces of jewelry that challenge the standards of mass-produced jewelry.


INSTAGRAM: @lin.x.erica

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